Introduction to my Medium account

I’m a Canadian citizen who wishes to debunk all aspects of the Coronavirus narrative in order to bring an end to the totalitarian, technocratic regime that is being constructed as a result of the hysteria. I live in a country that has now banned unvaccinated individuals from flying within and outside the country, requires a vaccination passport to board a VIA Rail train and is considering even tighter restrictions in light of the Moronic…er…I mean Omicron variant.

All Canadian provinces (with the exception of the Northwest Territories) have enacted a vaccine passport system for all activities deemed “non-essential” such as bars, restaurants, pubs, arcades and so forth. One can easily argue that these things are not essentials and constitute a mere inconvenience for the greater good. This was a recent Quebec ruling against a lawyer who challenged the province’s vaccine passport system. While I think it’s correct to say that attending these establishment is not a human right, socializing is. Most human interactions occur in such establishments and being able to enjoy life with your friends and loved ones is part of what constitutes an inclusive society. Jurisdictions worldwide are setting a terrible and dangerous precedent by enacting such discriminatory, apartheid-like measures — especially when not justified by mainstream science.

Imagine a world where you’re no longer scared of germs? Scared of hugging your loved ones, shaking someone’s hand or to see someone without a mask in public spaces? It is my hope that these articles will be persuasive enough to make you reconsider the mainstream narrative about “germs” and viruses that we’ve been fed our whole lives so that we can finally take our world back and heal the wounds that have been created by this crisis.



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